Multichannel Marketing and Communication Solutions

AMS is a direct marketing communication service provider driven by results that are achieved through the integration of multichannel marketing and communication services.

Multichannel Marketing

Our business provides for all aspects of multichannel direct marketing communication services. We work closely with our customers to provide communication services that compliment their business through marketing design and strategies, campaign development, creative, print, personalised and interactive communications services. We undertake this for a wide variety of Australia's most prestigious organisations.

Our expertise in multichannel marketing, information management, and our understanding of what it takes to get the best results, provides the opportunity to deliver output through an extensive range of channels giving significant flexibility in the development of direct marketing campaigns.

We understand the market, where it is heading, how to use the latest multichannel applications and what it takes to achieve at the highest levels. We have the ability to plan, create and produce what is necessary to achieve and exceed the desired outcomes and to help improve the return on investment.

To discuss your communications requirements, please call us on (03) 9335 6000.

Marketing Insight:

"The competitive advantage arises from discovering and implementing ways of competing that are unique and distinctive..."

- Michael E Porter.
Harvard Business School