Total Integrated multichannel marketing and Communication solutions

In today's social network driven community the need to communicate across all forms of media is essential to achieve the best results. Multichannel marketing applications provide customers with an increased number of touch points essential for the awareness of, and response to, the communication that has been delivered.

Direct mail is still seen as a major player in the media mix but it is the use of other communication channels, in conjunction with this that brings increased touch points and awareness helping to drive response rates well above standalone campaigns.

Customers want to be recognised and appreciated for their purchase or donation and the use of multichannel marketing applications will not only entice them to respond in the first place, but enable them to be recognised during and after the purchasing or giving process. This will help them realise their worth as a valued customer and that the organisation wants to build a relationship with them. By building valued customers you will make it easy for them to continue doing business with you and they in turn will introduce others to your service.

Campaign development

Working closely with our customers and understanding their requirements is as essential to the success of their business as it is to ours. Our research and preliminary work provides us with the foundation to assist customers develop the best campaign strategy.

We work with, listen to, develop and recommend solutions that are best suited to meet our customer's objectives and achieve the desired outcomes. Our expertise does make a difference and translates into greater returns on investment.


Our creative team all have hands on experience in developing and producing highly successful output material. They know firsthand what it takes to make a project work and that the creative element is just one stage in the total project. Their design work compliments the entire project drawing attention to the need to take action.


The latest technology resides in our fleet of digital presses and provides the ability to output the highest quality with full variability in both full colour and monochrome.

They also provide incredible flexibility to image onto various stock types opening up more opportunities to meet customer needs. Combining creativity, print capability and variations in available stock types provides numerous combinations that may give the edge in a direct marketing campaign.

Personalised and multichannel interactive communications

Personalisation is not just limited to print, but by combining electronic, mobile and social media applications the opportunity to see higher response rates is increased. It's all about helping our customers engage with their customers.

Multichannel marketing campaigns can reach customers at a variety of touch points finding the one, or the mixture, that will generate increased responses. Campaign results can be significantly improved when various forms of media are combined to bring awareness and ease of response to the recipients.

Mailing services

Mailing is an integral part of any communication process and AMS has the capability of handling every aspect necessary to meet demand. From generic mail to highly intelligent mail packs we provide the output required.

AMS also provides plastic wrap and inkjet addressing for those high volume and Print Post publications or other forms of mailing that may suit plastic wrap. Our plastic wrap provides environmentally friendly solutions.

Campaign analysis

After completing a campaign on behalf of our customers our analytical processes provide data to help you understand what results have been achieved, how they were achieved and how each type of communication assisted in the final results. This provides invaluable information for ongoing marketing campaigns to assist in refining the approach to the market and understanding how to best use the marketing dollars available.

We take time to discuss these results with customers and to help develop strategies as to how the next campaign can build on these results. This certainly provides a targeted approach rather than a scatter gun approach.


AMS has the ability to provide web-to-print applications that enable customers to access online stores to order and pay for goods or services being offered. We can build these applications to our customer's specifications and operate them behind the scenes to provide the required output.

Whatever you're offering to your customer we can develop a service that will streamline all aspects of the service and even establish payment gateways to ensure goods are paid for prior to the fulfilment of the order.

Web-to-print can also be used to manage in house collateral helping to contain costs and manage all aspects of branding.

Marketing Insight:

"Organisations have been talking about one-to-one marketing for years. The good news is that marketing technology has advanced to make it easier for this vision to become reality."

- Marcel Holsheimer.
Unica EMEA