The “New Way” of Direct Marketing

Making a shift from single channel marketing to multichannel marketing requires a change in mindset and sometimes moves us out of our comfort zone and into areas of the unknown. For those who have ventured out and embarked on the “new way” of direct marketing they have seen significant improvement in their results.

However, I am amazed at the amount of marketing managers and direct marketing consultancies that know little about multichannel marketing and continue in the single channel of direct mail, wondering why the results do not improve and yet the costs continue to escalate. Don’t get me wrong I am an advocate of direct mail – but stand alone or as a single channel – I believe the days are limited.

The constant reminder ringing in my ears that says “if you keep on doing the same thing you will keep on getting the same results” is ever so true in this industry.

Moving into multichannel marketing has its risks and certainly will shake you from your comfort zone, but with the proliferation of new devises and mobility, unless we communicate with prospects and customers in the way they communicate then we will be left behind.

There are numerous examples of the change in response rates from those who have ventured into multichannel marketing. One retail application saw a response rate of 150% to a direct mail post card campaign. Unheard of as a standalone campaign, but by adding social media, personalised landing pages and other multichannel applications the campaign went viral and hence the response rate. From a starting point of 20,000 names on the database at the end of the campaign they had added another 13,000 active names.

Can you imagine how many direct mail campaigns would need to be undertaken to increase your database by 65% and the costs associated with that?

This is just one example of what can be done. Organisation starting to use multichannel marketing include charities, educational institutions, insurance companies, telcos, training companies and the list goes on.

Stepping out into new territory is often best done with someone who knows how to plot a course through the terrain. This is also true for those stepping out into multichannel marketing. Having someone who knows how to get there and who understands the pitfalls along the way is an essential element in the process.

AMS Direct Marketing Solutions can help you plot a course.